Building the Future of
Membership Commerce


Loyalty programs for eCommerce brands are antiquated. Points-based systems rarely help brands retain customers and engage with shoppers. Inveterate co-founder & CEO Dylan Whitman saw a massive opportunity. His team revamped the model by introducing benefits for shoppers packaged in an easy-to-subscribe membership model. We partnered with Inveterate to reimagine the future of membership loyalty programs for high-growth eCommerce brands.

What We Did

Product Strategy
Discovery & User Research
Product Roadmapping

User Experience Design
User Interface Design
Prototyping & Ideation
Design System
Design QA

Outcomes & Results


3rd Party integrations with Shopify partners


Core benefits & features built into the membership platform



Seed funding raised


Revenue generated pricing model for membership flexibility

In The Press

"It’s rare to find a design partner who can take a raw idea with a very specific and unique vision, yet turn out a beautiful user experience that can support both our self service and enterprise customers. Every element provided by the Nessa team was purpose-driven towards providing a frictionless experience for our users, but more importantly, a scalable one."

Andy Muntean, Head of Product at Inveterate

Inveterate is reinventing retail customer loyalty programs

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A Better Membership Platform

Most membership programs focus on arbitrary points to reward shoppers. We decided to scrap the points-based model and rebuild memberships for the modern consumer. We asked ourselves, how can we reward the most committed customers of a brand with exclusive and elevated shopping experiences? What if we modeled the Amazon Prime membership program but for everyone else? 

We designed Inveterate to empower loyal brand advocates through a premium shopping experience. It's packed with VIP discounts, product sneak peeks, exclusive drops, and expedited shipping, all packaged in an easy to use platform.

A new global UI kit helped to create a cohesive design language across the platform. We designed a library of predefined, reusable components that meant creatives, marketers, and engineers spent less time building from scratch. Our team worked through every possible platform scenario to design data tables, custom icons, buttons, elements, navigation states, and more. The new design system accelerated the product roadmap and enhanced consistency platform-wide, meaning new features could be more easily built and launched to market.


A Scalable Brand Design

Too often, B2B brands lack the attitude and personality that consumer brands possess. Inveterate sought to differentiate itself from the stale B2B SaaS world by channeling a bold and fresh character. They teamed up with external brand partners to design a forward-thinking identity packed with irreverence and attitude. 


Membership With SaaS

A bold new brand and identity system required a consistent design language shared across offline and online channels. This includes logo marks, color schemes, identity, and OOH collateral for marketing purposes.


First-Party Data Is The New Oil

Proprietary data is invaluable, and a core requirement of the platform, particularly as customer acquisition costs continue to rise for eCommerce brands. Our team designed a unified data dashboard with a comprehensive set of key metrics. The dashboard collects, analyzes, and interprets rich customer information across the membership lifecycle.  

Merchants can easily view when a customer signed up, how much they’ve spent on the subscription program, what products are top-selling, and parse through information from their shop with just a few clicks. Our goal was to help merchants easily make informed business decisions from their membership data.

Membership Program Builder

At its heart lies the membership builder suite of tools. We designed core features into the platform allowing merchants to easily set up their own membership program with ease. We focused on complete customization, from selecting tiered pricing, activating customer benefits, and designing a custom landing page. 

We designed the platform for program flexibility. Brands could work with Inveterate hand in hand via their white-glove service and launch their new membership program in a matter of weeks or work through a self-service model with the suite of tools at their disposal. 

Platform Benefits & Features

Central to the membership experience is the numerous shopper benefits and exclusive features designed for the platform. We conducted stakeholder interviews to understand what consumers craved in a premium loyalty program and how merchants can quickly deliver.

We focused on creating a rich ecosystem of exclusive product reveals, discount tiers, expedited shipping options, referrals, and store credits. Each feature provides total flexibility and customization, tailoring membership programs uniquely for their audience. Membership benefits are designed as tiered add-on services that can be easily embedded into the merchants' site.

Unified Program Data & Analytics

Data aggregation and accuracy are imperative to the success of membership programs. Merchants must tap into their customer and sales data and make sense of it—essential metrics like conversion rates, customer churn, AOV increase across product categories, and more.

We designed a suite of data tools built into the platform giving merchants a complete picture of how their membership program performs. Merchants can zoom out and see a historical view of program success from YTD sales to day-to-day activities from top-selling products. 

Third Party Integrations

Among new product extensions, we designed an integration tab for merchants to connect with third-party apps for a cohesive program experience. The more integrations connected, the more influential the program could become.