Identity Design for Headless
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Continuing our strategic partnership with Pack, we were tasked with overhauling the new platform's digital identity and visual design. The ultimate goal was to help transition the team from an agency service partner to a pure-play SaaS platform built to scale.

The Nessa team focused on updated messaging, tone of voice, identity system design, and a new marketing site that articulates the benefits of headless technology.

What we did

Discovery & User Research
Design QA

User Experience Design
Branding & Identity Design
Visual Design
Prototyping & Ideation
Design System

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In The Press

"The new Pack platform gives brands and agencies powerful front-end tools to communicate with customers more easily. We're incredibly proud of Nessa's design work. Collaborating with their team allowed us to simplify the headless build process into a cutting edge software product designed for brand operators and developers."

Cory Cummings, CEO at Pack

Welcome to the Herd, Pack Digital

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A Fresh Perspective

After launching the new Pack platform to positive merchant feedback, we shifted focus to overhauling the marketing site's visual design language and messaging. We took a fresh approach to design the site, focusing on softer colors and patterns and incorporating hues of light green. We updated the visual design to reflect new capabilities and product features built into the headless solution.

Headless Made Painless

The homepage dominates with a clear call to action, highlighting benefits for merchants curious about headless. We softened the language and tone of voice, reflecting a conversational and friendly message. We wanted the site to be helpful and easy to understand, uncommon for headless platforms packed with technical documentation and developer lingo.

Communicate Solutions Not Features

We decided to modernize the new design language. Headless platforms are overly technical, tend to overwhelm with developer-specific jargon, and alienate the intended audience. We shifted our focus from distilling Packs core platform features into unique user experiences to be more helpful. We identified core capabilities and designed individual sub-pages for how Pack solves problems for merchants, developers, and eCommerce managers.

Headless 101

Headless commerce is often a buzzword and tends to confuse readers with vague definitions and capabilities. We wanted to fix that, so we designed a designated area to break down the inside knowledge of headless commerce and how it can help brands scale their operations.

The newly redesigned resources section focuses on educating users about headless commerce. It contains rich case studies from brand launches, blog posts about various commerce topics, and additional educational material for implementing headless commerce for interested partners.

Highlighting Brand Success

Migrating from a monolithic platform like Shopify to a custom headless solution is a considerable investment for any merchant, so we designated an area highlighting success stories. The new editorial experience features prominent brands such as Cuts Clothing and Vuori.

Each case study features results and outcomes with information about improvements to the core business using Pack. Additionally, the case study contains satisfied client testimonials and various branded visual assets of the new site experience, including designs and mobile layouts. Ultimately, our goal for the case study section is to inform and educate through a refined and elegant reading experience.

Simplify The Complex

Pack's new visual UI language is modern, friendly, and approachable. We updated the visual language for Pack by designing all new assets highlighting core platform benefits across storefront customization, developer experiences, content moderation, merchandising tools, and more. We created a new set of icons, illustrations, and graphics with a balance of technical prowess and approachability, each CTA leading to a designated sub-page, illustrated with merchant benefits, case studies, and technical specifications.

Custom Navigation Flows

The new site navigation design acts as a lead generation funnel. It directs users to curated content – quickly searching for materials across platform benefits, developer resources, blog, and agency partners. 


Mobile Ready

Designing for a mobile-first audience was an important conversion goal, as most user traffic originates from portable devices. We pared down the user experience to accommodate smaller devices by highlighting specific content for merchants on the go. Navigation systems are simplified by using clear CTA buttons for priority information and actions. Our goal was to inform users about Pack without cluttering the discovery and reading experience.


Future Proof Design Language

We worked with Pack to define and deliver a long-term digital identity. As they continued to build and launch new platform features from their roadmap, they wanted to ensure they had a consistent design language to adopt and use. We designed all new icons, color palettes, typography, illustrations, and graphics. We carefully considered each visual asset to delight and inform users.