Building the Future of Memberships with Inveterate



Jul 11, 2022

February 7, 2023

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Inveterate is the future of loyalty programs, an all-new paid membership platform built for customer retention and growth. It provides Shopify merchants powerful tools to design and launch a custom membership program directly to their shop.

The Nessa team partnered with Inveterate to reimagine membership loyalty programs for the modern consumer, allowing brands to create a flexible and custom membership program for their customers. 

Inveterate brought a clearly defined brand identity and vision to the table, which our team expanded upon and developed a custom global UI kit. This global design language helped us create a cohesive design across the platform features, pages, components, and more. It powers the platform's product vision for today and beyond. 

Inveterate wanted to ensure that merchants could easily measure the success of their membership programs, so our team designed a unified data dashboard with a comprehensive set of key metrics. The dashboard collects, analyzes, and interprets rich customer information across the membership lifecycle providing real-time store data at a moment's glance.  

To enable merchants to quickly set up and manage their loyalty programs within the platform, we designed a program builder that allows teams to set up and adjust the brand's membership program quickly. Our custom landing page builder empowers merchants to create a branded web page to showcase their membership program to customers. These aspects enable merchants to curate a one-of-a-kind membership experience for their customers. 

To read more about the Inveterate platform, check out our in-depth case study here.

Visit the Inveterate website here

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