Striving For Gender Equality with Igualdad

Niamh Quirke



Apr 20, 2022

February 7, 2023

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Igualdad is a mission-driven direct-to-consumer apparel brand whose primary focus is to combat gender inequality in Mexico through advocacy, non-profit funding programs, and selling its essential apparel line.

Igualdad partnered with Nessa to design a scalable, simple, and functional website on Shopify Plus that communicates its brand mission and products while connecting with its audience in advancing gender equality in Mexico.

Igualdad apparel is designed in a conscious effort to support its brand values. Our design team created a series of unique product experiences to convert and engage with shoppers. Throughout the purchasing funnel, we highlight where materials are sourced, how they are responsibly produced, and how each transaction positively impacts combating gender inequality. The PDP template has a unisex size chart appealing to a broad base of customers regardless of gender, making it more about comfort and based on fit preferences. This conscious design choice eliminates traditional apparel companies' conventional sizing and gender norms.

The PDP opts for genderless sizing chart and information regarding sustainable sourcing of product materials and transparent supply chain.

The new eCommerce experience employs a minimalist aesthetic, borrowing from its brand guide of a half-measured equality symbol boldened in a white and black color palette. We focused on a simple user experience to guide shoppers through an educational experience on its social mission and to cast the main focus on the content and product imagery.

A women and man wearing white t-shirt

For visitors curious to learn more about Igualdad’s mission and how to join the movement, we created a community section that allows customers to sign up to be involved in local events, workshops, and talks with celebrity influencers. To encourage visitors to join the movement, we created multiple pathways to sign up for the Igualdad community and social accounts. 

Visit Igualdad's website Here.

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