Design Excellence: Top 5 SAAS Websites That Set the Standard

Niamh Quirke



May 22, 2023

May 22, 2023

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Software as a service has revolutionized the way businesses operate. These cloud-based tools provide companies with a range of features and benefits to help them streamline their operations, reduce costs, and boost efficiency. However, the design of the SAAS website plays a crucial role in ensuring that users are engaged and can easily navigate the platform's features


Linear is a project management tool that prides itself on being fast, flexible, and powerful. Its website design reflects this messaging, with a sleek and modern layout highlighting the platform's unique features and benefits. The dark theme reflects a contemporary aesthetic and appeals to users who prefer darker interfaces.

The content strategy effectively provides clear and concise explanations of the software's functionality and primary use cases. 

The site's call-to-action items are well-positioned, including a prominent sign-up button and clear messaging around starting a free trial. Additionally, the aesthetic is minimalist and clean, with ample whitespace and straightforward typography.

Overall, Linear's design successfully communicates its key strengths and engages users effectively.


Basecamp is another project management tool that helps teams work collaboratively on projects. Its website design is clean and professional, emphasizing simplicity and ease of use.

The concise content strategy highlights the platform's benefits, including real-time communication, file sharing, and scheduling. 

In contrast to typical SaaS navbars, Basecamp presents a distinct navigation menu. It offers concise links that highlight Basecamp's purpose, the transformative impact of the tool, pricing details, and other relevant information.

Basecamp strategically uses customer testimonials throughout the website that act as powerful endorsements, conveying the positive experiences and outcomes that other teams have achieved with application.

Basecamp's wesbite design successfully conveys its user-friendly approach and the transformative impact it can have on project management.


Typeform is an online form and survey tool that aims to make the form-filling process more enjoyable for users. 

Its website design is visually appealing, with vibrant and engaging graphics and videos that help users understand the platform's unique benefits. 

The content strategy explains clearly and concisely how the platform works and its primary use cases. Navigation is user-friendly while provide detailed and , with simple labels with  

The site's call-to-action items are well-placed, including a sign-up button and clear messaging around starting a free trial. 

Typeform's design effectively combines aesthetics with functionality to create an enjoyable form-filling experience for users.


Decodable is a real-time stream processing platform that allows businesses to process large amounts of data quickly. 

The website features a clean and minimalistic design that utilizes whitespace with a pop of color to direct the user's attention to the content and calls to action. 

The navigation is straightforward and user-friendly, with a transparent menu bar leading users to critical sections such as solutions, resources, and pricing. 

The website also includes a prominent call-to-action button for users to start a free trial, which is strategically placed on multiple pages to encourage user engagement. 

Overall, Decodable's website design and user experience effectively communicate the platform's capabilities and reliability while providing a straightforward and engaging user experience.

Pack Digital 

Pack Digital is a headless platform that enables ecommerce brands to take control of their storefronts without needing developers. 

Its website design is clean and professional, focusing on showcasing the company's portfolio of work, showcasing the clear benefits of using a headless soutlion. 

The content strategy effectively provides clear and concise explanations of the product, services, and approach. 

Navigation is user-friendly, with clear labels and a prominent search bar. Upon hovering over certain menu items, submenus appear, providing users with additional options to explore specific areas of interest

The site's call-to-action items are well-placed, including a central contact button and clear messaging around requesting a quote. 

Pack Digital's design successfully presents its offerings and engages users effectively.

Overall, each of these SAAS websites offer unique design features and UX experiences that cater to their target audience and product offerings. From the fast and flexible project management tool of Linear to the conversational form-building platform of Typeform, these websites excel in different areas while maintaining a cohesive and visually appealing design.

Whether it's showcasing the benefits of the product or simplifying navigation, each website has its strengths and areas for improvement. By analyzing and learning from these design features and UX experiences, businesses can improve their own websites and ultimately enhance the customer experience.

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