Visual & Brand Refresh for Pack



Jul 5, 2022

February 7, 2023

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Continuing our partnership with Pack, the Nessa team was tasked to redesign the company's visual identity and overall messaging.

Pack is a headless as a service platform built for growing brands on Shopify Plus. It combines a powerful product experience and content management system in one easy-to-use solution. Our challenge was to help transition Pack from a technical service consultancy to a SaaS platform provider. 

The new site employs a fresh design approach, focusing on a soft and bright aesthetic while incorporating hues of light green, a staple of Pack’s digital identity. We updated the visual design to reflect new capabilities and product features built into the headless solution. We created a new set of icons, illustrations, and graphics. We balanced the technical prowess of the platform with merchant approachability, each CTA leading to a designated sub-page illustrated with key benefits, case studies, and technical details.

To make headless a more friendly and approachable concept, we softened the language and tone across the website. We communicated headless as a concept conversationally, making it easy to understand and grasp, unlike many headless platform competitors packed with developer lingo.

For visitors curious to learn more about brands that have successfully implemented their headless migration, we designed a resources section on the site packed with case studies. Each case study highlights merchant challenges, the overall solution that the Pack platform provides, along with the positive results & outcomes.  

To read more about the Pack design project, check out our detailed case study here.

Visit the Pack website here.

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